How to create an unforgettable experience
How to create an unforgettable experience

2013, August. São Paulo.

How to create an unforgettable experience

Led by New York based experience designers N. D. Austin and Ida Benedetto, founders of Wanderlust Projects, Mesa&Cadeira created Room 186:  an experience that took place on August 20th, 2013, at the love motel Ele&Ela, in São Paulo.

Without official authorization (trespassing is an important part of the Wanderlust methodology), we occupied 10 of the love motel's rooms.

Five of the suites were used as waiting rooms for the guests, who went through the experience individually, while four were completely transformed by the group around the table – the experience consisted in a journey through all of them. The last room - number 186 - was used by the group of participants as their headquarters.

The Mission

To develop and execute an immersive and non-conventional experience in a love motel.

  • Amnah Asad, Strategic Planning Consultant and Culture & Trend Research
  • Bruno Höera, Senior Creative Planner at Artplan
  • Carola Costa, Performance Artist
  • Edgard Gouveia, Founder at Play The Call
  • Fernanda Cardoso, Co-Founder at Atômica
  • Gilberto Topczewski, CEO at BigBonsai
  • Gustavo Bonfiglioli, Creative Copywriter at FLAGCX
  • Jaakko Tammela, Design and Innovation consultant at Jaakko
  • Joana Tuttoilmondo, Researcher, Consultant, Project Manager and Professor at Istituto Europeo di Design
    Luciana Minami, Strategy & Creative Consulting
    Manuel Nogueira, Photographer, Film Director and Creative and Executive Leader at The Kumite
    Marina Bortoluzzi, Co-Founder at Instagrafite
    Renato Fregnani, Co-Founder at Freg Patterns and Fun
    Roberta Vieira, Co-Owner at Scriptease
    Rodrigo Guima, Social Artist at Ben & Jerry's
    Sara Marina del Monaco, Founder at NeueLabs
Job titles and companies may have changed since the date of this Mesa.

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