Natura Marketplace
Natura Marketplace

2013, May. São Paulo.

Natura Marketplace

We created a map that showed Natura's internal and external key collaborators, their roles and how they were connected to each other in the 3 different territories that formed the company's new marketplace. Although the maps are still confidential, a single week around the table was enough to enable Natura to start testing fundamental features in its commercial model, immediately after the wrap up of the Mesa. After nine months running on a test market, was launched to the public, using a lot of the decisions we made during Mesa.

Our mission

To map the connections and design a model that would guide the interactions between Natura's internal and external key collaborators in the new marketplace.

Around the table
Natura Participants
  • Angel Medeiros, Director Logistics Innovation
  • Cid Pereira, Relationship Manager and Business Model
  • Daniel Silveira, Executive Director North / Northeast
  • Denise Lyra de Figueiredo, Branding and Consumer Director
  • Fabio Boucinhas, Digital Media and Internet Director
  • João Paulo Ferreira, VP Operations
  • Jose de Luca, Commercial Innovation
  • Maria Paula Fonseca, New Business Director
  • Murilo Boccia, Customer Relationship Management
Job titles and companies may have changed since the date of this Mesa.

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