How to engage kids with sports
How to engage kids with sports

2014, May. San Francisco, CA.

How to engage kids with sports

As he approaches the last years of his basketball career, Kobe Bryant has turned to Brazil as a place to invest in high impact and purpose­-driven initiatives. It is his strong conviction that sports are essential for the integral development of any child, so he challenged Mandalah, a conscious innovation consultancy company, and FLAGCX, an IPG-owned company, to design and build  a project to help tackle this mission.

Mesa&Cadeira was the methodology chosen to make it happen. We flew a team of selected professionals (journalists, filmmakers, community mobilizers, extreme sports athletes, designers and coders) to California to work together for 5 days.

We were briefed by Kobe on day 1, and got together with him again on day 5, to present BACK: a global, financially sustainable and community benefitting platform that stands to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of children, their families and their communities. BACK brings together top tier athletes like Kobe Bryant, adult citizens interested in coaching groups of 6-10 year olds in several sports modalities, citizen backers interested in subsidizing these coaches (through tax deductible contributions) and the actual kids --- through a sustainable, shared value ecosystem engineered to operate as a social business.

The Mission

To create a platform that will allow Brazilian individuals and entities to fund and support 6 to 10 year old kids' natural inclination to move, in a way that entertains, educates and inspires them.

We will write the argumentation text, create a video that communicates the idea in a very inspiring way and prototype the basic functionalities of the platform.

We also need to design the financials of making it happen.

All by Friday 11am. Let's get to work!

Around the table
  • Caio Sartori, Head of Brand Design at FLAGCX
  • Edgard Gouvea, Founder at Play The Call
  • Elisa Gijsen, Education Leader at FLAGCX
  • Gabriel Laet, Founder and Technologist at Doubleleft
  • Giuliano Giacaglia, CTO and Co-Founder at WiGo. Teaching Assistant at MIT
  • Lourenço Bustani, Global CEO at Mandalah
  • Luisa Martini, Founder and Chief People Officer at FLAGCX
  • Manuel Nogueira, Photographer, Film Director and Criative and Executive Leader at The Kumite
  • Matheus Barros, COO and CFO at FLAGCX
  • Roberto Martini, Founder and CEO at FLAGCX
  • Van Santana, Director and Motion Designer at The Kumite
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