How to build a global brand?
How to build a global brand?

2012, December. São Paulo.

How to build a global brand?

Led by José Cabaço, the group conceived and developed the brand jáé (which doesn’t have one defined logo, since it represents a country in constant change). To introduce it to the world, we turned the gallery Cartel011 into an embodiment of this brand: urban, optimistic and diverse.

From the research to the concept, from the selection of works to the assembly, passing through production (contacting dozens of artists, companies and galleries, creating and implementing the set design, disclosure and report), everything was done in 7 days by the group around the table.

The JÁÉ exhibition ran in 2012, from December 7th to the 13th, at the Cartel011 gallery in São Paulo. It was described by the owners of the space at the time as "the coolest show we've ever had here."

All the references into which we dived to create this brand are gathered at, a great source for anyone in searhc of the Brazilian creative production today.

Brazilian rapper and poet MC Rincón wrote and a sang a manifesto for jáé (the following is a free-style translation of its lyrics)

Brazil, the stereotyped country, it's over
Yes, the promise became a fact, jáé
It's over, it's the end of the stereotype, the ethics
Women represent more than bodies and aesthetics
Presidents with an A at the end their names, jáé
From the edges to the center
The international reference goes beyond football and Carnival
Values built, clichés dismantled
Famous for being dry, our land turned into a fountain
The concrete jungle, the forest, the farm
Tecnobrega, funk, bossa
It's our creation
I believe that the foreigner came to see firsthand
I fear those who only believe seeing
Take it
Came to the conclusion that it will not be, it already is
[Manifesto created by MC Rincón to JÁÉ]

The Mission

To create a global brand that better represents Brazil without stereotypes. Or, as José says:

Brazil has, undoubtedly, one of the most popular cultures in the world. At the same time it is also one of the most stereotyped.

Soccer. Carnival. Samba. Rio. São Paulo. Is Brazil reduced to these five words? Of course not. Let's show why.

The goal, in the next few days, is to identify and show the real Brazil through a curatorship of new talents that are expressing the Brazilian culture in various areas, in a fresh way, rarely seen by the world and even by most Brazilians.

At the end we'll gather some examples of these people's work and set up an exhibition at Cartel011.

We must take a deep dive into São Paulo to guarantee that we won't have an exhibition that gives a déjà-vu sensation.

Go for it.


  • Andre Visockis, Co-Founder at Apartamento 61
  • Clarissa Soneghet, Co-Founder at Kind
  • Débora Emm, Co-Founder at Inesplorato
  • Denise Saito, Designer at UOL TAB
  • Fabio Seixas, Co-Founder at Festival Path
  • Fernanda Cardoso, Co-Founder at Atômica
  • Filipe Techera, Strategy and Content at TV Globo
  • Guilherme Scarano, Brand Manager at RVCA
  • Helena Campos, Fashion Journalist
  • Leandro HBL, Founder and Creative Director at BANDO
  • Rafael Ziggy, Digital Creative Strategist at ÁFRICA
  • Roni Hirsch, Founder at Estúdio do Morro and ErêLAB
  • Wolfgang Menke, Founder at House of Work
Job titles and companies may have changed since the date of this Mesa.

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