Fiat Connectivity
Fiat Connectivity

2014, March. Belo Horizonte.

Fiat Connectivity

We prototyped a website featuring connectivity services that consumers will have access to, once they connect their smartphones to FIAT cars. Because hardware and software  represented different engineering solutions, they were being treated as different products inside FIAT.

During the Mesa, the importance of marketing them together as one full connectivity solution - that allowed for a much more powerful communication strategy - became clear to the company.

Launched at the AutoShow 2014, Uconnect Mobile offers several applications that connect your car's information to your phone.

The Mission

To create and launch a platform where the customer can sample and acquire current and future connectivity services, considering data that FIAT can extract from the car and available market applications We need to bring answers regarding business models and the way we'll communicate these services, which will be presented at the 2014 AutoShow.

Around the table
  • Claudio Rovida, Project Manager at Accenture
  • Hebert Rafael, Founder and UX Designer at 3bits
  • Juliano Barata, Editor-in-chief at FlatOut!
  • Massimo Prando, Managing Director at 3DEXCITE - Japan
  • Mathieu Le Roux, VP at Deezer Brasil
  • Rafael Carvalho, Marketing at Mopar
  • Tiago Forte, Start-up Advisor at Silicon Valley. Founder at¬†ForteLabs
Fiat Participants
  • Alessandro Crego, Business Development and Finance
  • Breno Kamei, Product Planning and Strategy
  • Fabiana Souza, Business Development
  • Guilherme Franciscani, Technology
  • Heber Santos, Electronic Engineering
  • Helder Oliveira, Connectivity Service
  • Jader Maia, Digital Advertising / Marketing
  • Junia Cerceau, Head of Feature Planning and Innovation
  • Lucas Fiuza, Business Development Finance
  • Matheus Silveira, Innovation
  • Pedro Rodriguez, Product Planning and Strategy
  • Stefano Candido, U-connect Italy
Job titles and companies may have changed since the date of this Mesa.

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