2015, July. São Paulo.

In 2013, Google and the Lemann Foundation joined forces to transform thousands of educational videos available on YouTube into an efficient alternative for Brazilian students to use. Together they launched YouTube EDU, a platform that aggregates only the videos that have passed a strict quality control by Fundação Lemann.

Two years later, with 94% of kids accessing the internet through their mobile devices, the two partners felt it was time to take another step: to transform all of that content into an app that could really make a difference for someone preparing for the ENEM exam.

We formed a Mesa with everyone who was involved in the project from both Google and the Lemann Foundation, as well as a complete team from DoubleLeft, the partner responsible for the app development. We also added  two of the best editors in the country to the mix (professionals who are used to turning relevant content into irresistible content) and one of the most famous YouTube EDU content producers.

In 5 days, we prototyped, an app that uses Google’s logic to create an extremely friendly and intuitive interface that organizes the YouTube EDU content in a truly  innovative way: as playlists connected to the daily routine of the Brazilian student. “While I cook” gathers videos about food chemistry, proteins and enzymes. “Studying in the bathroom”, videos about water treatment, physiology and pollution.

It only took 6 weeks from the Mesa to the app launch, a schedule that was only possible to achieve because all of the players that were required for the project’s success worked together from conception to prototyping.

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The Mission

To create and prototype an app that delivers part of the YouTube EDU content in a way that is extremely relevant and intuitive to any Brazilian student who is getting ready for the exams, using ENEM’s program as a base.

Around the table
Guest Participants
  • Gustavo Torres, 17 year old student from Capão Redondo, São Paulo, who has been selected by the most respected universities in the world including Harvard, MIT, Columbia and Stanford (he picked Stanford and has just moved to California.)
  • João Luis de Almeida Machado, Teacher and Digital Media Supervisor at Poliedro
Job titles and companies may have changed since the date of this Mesa.

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