What kind of object may a magazine become?
What kind of object may a magazine become?

2012, October. São Paulo.

What kind of object may a magazine become?

When Patrick Waterhouse became Creative Director at Colors in 2011, he turned the magazine into Survival Guides: a book of instructions, tips and tricks for a person to survive specific situations. The idea was for Mesa to create a Survival Guide for São Paulo. But instead of the classic spreads format, the group around the table was asked to create a kit: an editorial product containing a series of objects that, combined, told stories of how São Paulo’s residents survive in one of the largest cities in the world.

We only produced 60 copies of the São Paulo’s Survival Kit and all of them were sold at the last day of the Mesa.

Our mission

To build a kit made of stories and ideas of how to survive in São Paulo, showing both the obstacles  that the city presents and the different strategies people use to tackle them. The stories and ideas you select should:

• Speak about ingenious, informal solutions put into practice by common people;

• Be told through illustration, photography as well as through text;

• Focus on people, places, situations but also on things, because equipment is a fundamental part of a survival guide.

Around the table
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