Hacking Nature - How to Produce a Natural Phenomenon
Hacking Nature - How to Produce a Natural Phenomenon

2015, May. São Paulo.

Hacking Nature - How to Produce a Natural Phenomenon

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde, the mind behind the iconic indoor clouds, has been working with rainbows since 2012, when he created the installation Unflattened - in which a small prism produced a rainbow over a picture of a landscape. But Berndnaut was determined to create a rainbow onto a real landscape, so that’s the mission he brought to a group of 12 carefully selected professionals – among them, a physicist, a nanotechnology artist, a coder, an architect, an urban planner and a video-maker.

On the night of May 26th, the group created a 45ish meters long rainbow, touching a few of the oldest buildings in the city. Documented, the temporarily-hacked landscape became a postcard.

The group also launched a video, a time-lapse and a website that gathers all of the documentation: presente.mesaecadeira.com

Our mission

To create an artificial natural phenomenon onto the surroundings of the Red Bull Station Building - a rainbow that will temporarily hack the landscape.

We must generate a memory that will make the experience live on and find a way to make this memory tangible.

  • Alberto Blumenschein, Philosopher and Artist using Nanotechnology
  • Annegret Kellner, Artist
  • Camila Simas, Architect and Urban Planner
  • Daniela Ruiz, Architect and Landscaper
  • Fernanda Baffa, COO at Creativity School Perestroika SP
  • Gabo Gesualdi, Creative at Moment Factory
  • Gabriel Giacomini, Programmer and Developer
  • Henri Honda, Art Director at Leo Burnett
  • Joana Dambrós, Digital Planner
  • Karen Rozenbaum, Marketing and Strategic Planning
  • Mariana Cobra, Film Director and Producer
  • Victor Mendizabal Coelho, Physicist and Developer
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