Samsung: Agents of Change
Samsung: Agents of Change

2014, November. São Paulo.

Samsung: Agents of Change

On November 4th, 2014, a group formed by 12 brilliant professionals in their fields gathered around a table to work on a mission: to release a video manifesto representing their beliefs on how and why the products that were being launched by Samsung impacted the world around us.

Inspired by the use of the Galaxy Note 4, the smartwatch Galaxy Gear S, the earphone Gear Circle and the Gear VR, the group conceived and produced footage material in 12 hours. The first image was recorded at 7am. At 7pm of that same day, the video was presented to hundreds of journalists at an event held at the Hospital Matarazzo, in São Paulo.

Titled as Agents of Change, this film project is a partnership between CUBOCC and The Kumite.

The Mission

To launch, at 6:18pm, a video that gathers all beliefs from this group (composed by a few of the most talented Agents of Changes of their generation) on why and how the 4 products at the center of this table will impact the way we live, work and relate to each other and the world around us.

Around the table
  • Bia Granja, Expert in Internet Culture and Founder at YouPix
  • Bruno Barreto, Film Director
  • Cristiano Trindade, Director at The Kumite. Art, Film and Design at Gotacx
  • Fernanda Young, Writer and TV Host
  • Felipe Andreoli, Journalist and Humorist
  • Flavio Samelo, Artist and Photographer
  • Keid Sammour, Curatorship, Knowledge and Strategy at FLAGCX
  • Lázaro Ramos, Actor
  • Luisa Martini, Founder and Chief People Officer at FLAGCX
  • Manuel Nogueira,  Photographer, Film Director and Creative and Executive Leader at The Kumite
  • Nizan Guanaes, Chairman at Grupo ABC
  • Renato Freitas, Co-Founder at 99Taxis
  • Ronaldo Lemos, Lawyer, Professor, Technology Specialist, TV Host and Director at ITS Rio (Leader at this Mesa)
Job titles and companies may have changed since the date of this Mesa.

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